School Meals Make a Difference

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Making Cent$ of the new USDA regulations for school Food Service Programs.

New regulations have arrived that will significantly impact how we deliver school meals. Not only will this change the nutrition content of the meals, but it will impact purchasing practices and food preparation – AND, it will impact everyone’s program financially!

Learn how meal prices will be required to accurately reflect meal costs, how to correctly account for direct and indirect costs to avoid financial shortfalls, meal nutrition content requirements, and much more at this workshop co-sponsored by MSBO, School Nutrition Association of Michigan (SNAM) and MDE.

We recommend districts bring a team to this workshop, which is essentially for finance directors and food service directors to better understand the implications of these regulations and how to successfully navigate these changes so that students benefit nutritionally while our food programs remain fiscally sound.

This workshop will be held May 30, 2012, 9 am-4 pm at Lansing Community College West, Lansing, MI. 

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