Get Your Game On! MSBO Business Manager/CPA Workshop Coming Soon

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Thought much about getting ready for your June 30, 2012 audit yet? Have you implemented everything you should have for this fiscal year? Not sure what’s new? That’s all the more reason to sign up for the MSBO Business Manager/CPA Workshop that will be held in East Lansing on June 6, 2012. This year’s event is truly a “SPECIAL EVENT!” as we will be hosting the workshop at The MSU Breslin Center! That’s right, The Breslin Center!

Although there will be no basketball court, we will be down on the arena floor and set up to accommodate your workshop needs. In addition, we are going to “theme” this event as “Show your School Pride” by dressing casually and wearing your school colors! It doesn’t matter if you wear the colors of the school you attended, the school you work for, the college you attended or the one you cheer for - just show your school spirit and enjoy a comfortable and rewarding day of professional development. We’ll also be serving a special “stadium” lunch that will make you feel like you’re here on a game day! You won’t want to miss it!

In addition to accessing to the main floor by elevator, we will also be using the arena stairs so high healed or leather bottomed shoes may not be the best choice, hence the casual attire! You never know, you might even see Martell and Dwan without the Zuit Suit and ties! Wouldn’t that be a change!

We’ve lengthened the sessions based on your feedback of wanting more time for Q & A. As usual, the agenda is packed with sessions focused on relevant, straight forward and to the point discussions. Representatives from the Michigan Department of Education, audit firms and practitioners will be on hand to provide the latest information you’ll need to have a successful year-end closing and audit.

We’re putting the final touches on the agenda but you’ll see some of the old standby sessions such as a State Aid Update, federal monitoring and internal control considerations (including timekeeping requirements), OMB Compliance Guidance, proper account coding and reporting, and an economic update with a peek at the May Revenue Consensus Conference. For the CPA’s in attendance, we have a session designed to satisfy one CPE credit in ethics! All in all, you have an opportunity to gain 8 hours of CPE for your license at this one-day event.

By popular demand, there will be an “Early Bird” session offered to discuss an AICPA Government Audit Quality Center update.

 Registration is open and ready to confirm your attendance. Also please note that the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center has accommodations available for June 4 and June 5, 2012 for early arrivals. Call 1-800-875-5090 for reservations and be sure to mention MSBO for our special rate of $89, which expires May 5, 2012.

If you need additional information please contact Robert Dwan at 517-327-2581 for details.

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