13th Annual Facilities/Operations Director Conference & Expo

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October 2-4, 2011 • Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville
There is still time to sign up!

We must continue to keep our Focus on Facilities - striving to be more efficient and effective. As we have entered another school year, we continue to experience tough financial times. Hopefully, we are on the upswing, yet we know that we will still face considerable funding challenges before things significantly improve. Keeping the cuts as far from the classroom as possible remains the major goal - but we should not lose sight of the importance of maintaining the physical classroom itself, along with the rest of the facility.

The 13th Annual Facilities and Operations Directors Conference is intended to help provide ideas and solutions for your department to provide the best services possible, in the most cost effective way, to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all Michigan students.

Let us help you Focus on Facilities at the 13th Annual Facilities/Operations Director Conference.

Business Managers: Make sure your Facility/Operations Director signs up and receives the professional development necessary to perform at a high level.


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